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Holzart-Leipzig –
unique wooden games for all ages

Holzart-Leipzig UG produces and sells unique, self-developed games and improved versions of classic games for indoor and outdoor use. No matter whether it is Bauhelmspiel, Schwebeschach or Leipziger Dreierlei – skilfulness, accuracy, good senses and especially good nerves are required to be successful.

All our handmade HOLZART - Games are ideal for spending time together playing games outside (in the park, garden or on the beach etc.). Playing inside is no problem, too. Just use our soft throwing balls instead of the wooden sticks.

Originality, quality and games which are fun to play are our top priority!

By the way: all Holzart products are exclusively manufactured in Germany.
More about manufacturing here…

Due to cooperation with master carpenters we can ensure the high quality realisation and hand-made manufacturing of our unique game ideas.

They stand out due to longevity, easy montage and safe usage.

HOLZART games are suitable for children and adults of any age. Everyone can enjoy our games! However, for some games (Schwebeschach, PlaSch, Planetenschach) we recommend the use our soft throwing balls instead of the wooden sticks for children younger than 12 years.

Got curious? Then take a look at our Shop. You will definitely find the right game for you – but be careful! If you start to play our games once, you will have trouble stopping again. Trust us, we speak from experience! ;-)

The Holzart-Leipzig UG team wishes you much fun with the games!